SoleMan Triathlon

Rules & Regulations

The Soleman Triathlon is a USAT sanctioned event. Benefits of the USAT Sanctioning are listed below:

  • The course is well-planned and documented local permits have been obtained.
  • The event safety plan has been carefully reviewed by the experienced staff at USA Triathlon.
  • Proper insurance coverage, including general liability and athlete excess medical, is in place.
  • All participants will be either annual members of USAT or one-day license holders.
  • The results will be scored in the annual national rankings.

All athletes must abide by the USAT Rules. Click here for a copy of the rules. Please read them and abide by them. Failure to do so will result in penalties or disqualification.

2017 Soleman Location

Dont forget to stay tuned for the latest on the race, post race events, and course/weather conditions. And remember, a towel and change of clothes are highly recommended!

1791 Hwy 75
Sunshine, LA 70780

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